Welcome and Membership


The Shoreham Community Association Inc (SCA) warmly encourages Shoreham residents - anyone who owns, rents or resides in a property within the Shoreham coastal village or hinterland - to become members of the SCA.

Why join the SCA?

Read about the projects that the SCA has worked on over the past few years and why we think you should become a member.

We work with the community to protect and maintain the integrity of Shoreham and its community; so we can all continue to feel connected to this very special place. The more financial members we have, the stronger our voice will be in representing the Shoreham community to Federal, State and Local Government members and departments, as well as fulfilling our first and foremost objective - to create and facilitate an informed and active community. 
Strong membership means a strong organisation with a strong mandate. Our Community Association is often the first point of contact for government and other organisations canvassing a change or new policy. Mandate is needed also for SCA to proactively address policy or planning matters.

OK, so what are you doing right now ?

Please click here for a complete list of our 2018/2019 Plans and Objectives up-to-date as at April, 2019.

SCA likes to work with all members of the community and wishes to engage with the community as broadly as possible - listening to what people say.

However, under our rules, you must be a paid up member of the SCA to nominate or vote at our AGM held in July each year. 

Meet our current members of the Committee here.

Objectives and Rules

Our association’s objectives and a link to our rules can be found here.

How to become a member

If you support the objectives of the SCA and would like to be a member, please complete a signed Membership Application to either renew or apply for new membership.  

The annual membership fee is $20 per adult.  Payment can be made by cheque or direct debit as per the details on the form. Please return the completed membership application to:

The Secretary
Shoreham Community Association
PO Box 73
Shoreham VIC 3196

A completed form helps us to correctly identify direct credits and ensures our database is current, should any of your contact details have changed.

For further information, please contact the Secretary via e-mail.

Committee of Management

Office Bearers


  • Russell Barrett Ph: 0412 886 524 E: russell@rusbar.com.au

  • Rob Burns Ph: 0407 644 184 E: rob.burns66@bigpond.com

  • Lee Collins Ph: 03 5989 8433 or 0430 717 033 E: lee.s.collins@gmail.com

  • Michael Hill Ph: 0438 603 779

  • Lisa How E: lisalouisehow@gmail.com

  • Ian Joy Ph: 0418 383 629

  • Peter Kelly Ph: 0408 055 495

  • John McMahon Ph: 03 5989 8355 or 0411 142 731 E: shoreha1@bigpond.net.au

  • Katherine O'Brien E: kob93681@bigpond.net.au

  • Barbara Porter Ph: 03 5989 6253 or 0437 598 969 E: barb.d.porter@gmail.com

SCA Projects and Standing-Committees

Below is a list of SCA Committee Members available to contact (details above) in relation to each Project/Standing Committee. There are other community members and organisations involved with a number of the Projects.

Shoreham Common: Alan Fisher
Finance & Membership: Barbara Kelly, Rob Burns
Communications, Media and Website: John McMahon   
Triangle: Peter Kelly   
Planning Matters: Sue Boggan, Kathryn Shain, John McMahon, Barbara Porter, Rob Burns, Michael Hill, Russell Barrett
Community Social Activities: Lee Collins
Old School Hall: Alan Fisher
Shoreham Village Taskforce: Sue Boggan, Kathryn Shain
Drainage Works: Peter Kelly
Bushland & Road Reserves: Sue Boggan
Historical Signage Project: Barbara Kelly

Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings are held at the Shoreham Old School Hall, Byrnes Road, Shoreham from 7:00pm to 9:30pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month except December/January.

Interested Members of the Association & Residents are always welcome to attend a Committee meeting.

A list of meeting dates can be found here.

Minutes from past meetings can be found here.

Shoreham Community Communications and Involvement

In addition to maintaining this community web-site, we issue quarterly newsletters and other e-mail based communications to our members and subscribers.

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, please e-mail a request to our Secretary, Shoreham Community Association at shorehamcommunity@gmail.com. Members are automatically subscribers.

In terms of non-computer based communications, we undertake:

  • monthly Cuppa and Conversation morning teas on the 1st Friday morning of each month for elderly and not-so elderly community members.

  • four Community Dinners per annum to help promote a convivial community spirit.

  • (soon) to manage a community notice board near the Post Office.

Naturally, we support other community activities and events such as the annual CFA BBQ and the Cyril Young Memorial Chapel Association.

Community Events are usually listed on our Calendar and also publicised via posters etc at the Post Office.

SCA Annual General Meeting 2019

The Shoreham Community Association's 2019 Annual General Meeting was held at the Old School Hall on Sunday, 28th July 2019.

Once again, we were lucky with the weather - a good crowd enjoyed the following agenda items:

  • SCA President Alan Fisher's Annual Report

  • Peter Renkin gave an interesting thumbnail sketch of the history of the Taskforce in support of a motion to consolidate remaining Taskforce funds under SCA management - though still to be quarantined for their original purpose.

  • Guest Speaker: Bill Clancy gave an engaging talk on aspects of the history of Shoreham - particularly on the roles of the Tuck and Nowlan pioneer families beginning in the 1840s and 1850s - including the role of the Gold Rush in getting Shoreham going.

Alan speaks.jpg

Alan Fisher's Annual Report covered the various activities and projects the SCA is working on for our community.  

The President's Annual Report for 2019 can be downloaded here. The annual reports highlight our activities, achievements and plans.  You can also download the following reports for earlier years - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

All existing Office Bearers and Ordinary Committee Members were re-elected.  In addition, three new “Ordinary Committee Members” have joined the Committee - Russell Barrett, Katherine O'Brien and Michael Hill.  We welcome them - and sincerely thank those renominating for their continuing service to the community.  

Bill Clancy’s talk was very interesting and included a slide of a painting of one of the early Tuck houses that few would have seen, He did a great job of whetting our appetite for the rumoured book he is writing on the history of Shoreham.

The meeting was followed by a convivial sausage sizzle.  Our grateful thanks to the local CFA brigade for the loan of their BBQ, Balnarring Village Meats for the sausages, the Red Hill Baker for the bread and the Kelly Gang/Mel Dolman for organizing the cooking and salads.

Background to the formation of the SCA

The SCA was formed in 2011 to give a voice to the Shoreham community, to identify community needs, create an informed and active community, and advocate on behalf of the community.

Councillor Frank Martin congratulates the new SCA President, Peter Renkin after the inaugural meeting.

Councillor Frank Martin congratulates the new SCA President, Peter Renkin after the inaugural meeting.

It was formed as a result of the community's recognition of a need for representation, following the extensive work of the Taskforce over the inappropriate development of the Post Office and the General Store, and the work of the Interim Working Group canvassing the community on plans for the Shoreham Triangle.

The community endorsed the rules of the SCA at a public meeting on 4 June 2011.  Councillor Frank Martin attended the public meeting to report to the community and take questions from the floor. He also declared the election of the office bearers and ordinary committee members.