Shoreham Community Association Inc. (SCA)


The SCA warmly encourages Shoreham residents - anyone who owns, rents or resides in a property within the Shoreham coastal village or hinterland - to become members of the SCA.

Why Join the SCA?

Read about the projects that the SCA has worked on over the past few years, and is currently progressing for the Shoreham community.

We work with the community to protect and maintain the integrity of Shoreham and its community; so we can all continue to feel connected to this very special place. The more financial members we have, the stronger our voice will be in representing the Shoreham community to Federal, State and Local Government members and departments, as well as fulfilling our first and foremost objective - to create and facilitate an informed and active community. 
Strong membership means a strong organisation with a strong mandate. Our Community Association is often the first point of contact for government and other organisations canvassing a change or new policy. Mandate is needed also for SCA to proactively address policy or planning matters.
You must be a paid up member of the SCA to nominate or vote at our AGM held in July each year.  Meet our current members of the Committee here.

SCA President's Annual Reports - what we have achieved

Our annual reports highlight our activities, achievements and plans.  Download a PDF for the following years - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

SCA 2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM saw a sunny July day, a packed Shoreham Hall and an enthusiastic response to the two guest speakers, locals Loris Woods and Fiona Hasker.  You can download a copy of their talks here - LORIS's talk, FIONA's talk.  Rob Patrick thanked Peter Renkin for his tireless energy and commitment in undertaking the President's role since the SCA's inception.  Take the time to read Peter's 2016 President's report (see the link above) to gain an understanding of just how much has been achieved since 2011.


How to become a member

The annual SCA membership fee is $20 per adult.   Please complete a signed Membership Application to either renew or apply for new membership.  Payment can be made by cheque or direct debit as per the details on the form. Please return the completed membership application to:

The Secretary
Shoreham Community Association
PO Box 73
Shoreham VIC 3196

A completed form helps us to correctly identify direct credits and ensures our database is current, should any of your contact details have changed.

For further information, please contact the Secretary via email.

Background to the formation of the SCA

The SCA was formed in 2011 to give a voice to the Shoreham community, to identify community needs, create an informed and active community, and advocate on behalf of the community.

Councillor Frank Martin congratulates the new SCA President, Peter Renkin after the inaugural meeting.

Councillor Frank Martin congratulates the new SCA President, Peter Renkin after the inaugural meeting.

It was formed as a result of the community's recognition of a need for representation, following the extensive work of the Taskforce over the inappropriate development of the Post Office and the General Store, and the work of the Interim Working Group canvassing the community on plans for the Shoreham Triangle.

The community endorsed the objectives and the rules of the SCA at a public meeting on 4 June 2011.  Councillor Frank Martin attended the public meeting to report to the community and take questions from the floor. He also declared the election of the office bearers and ordinary committee members.