What is the Taskforce?

The Taskforce monitors commercial developments and proposals in Shoreham.

  • Originally, the Taskforce existed as an independent group led by the late Leo Maher. A couple of years ago the Taskforce became an integral unit of the Shoreham Community Association’s structure and is now a sub-Committee of the Association.

  • Read the background to this group which has worked over many years to preserve the amenity of our coastal village.  

  • For information contact: Sue Boggan: 0404 180 957 or Peter Renkin: 0448 319 719 (Shoreham Community Association/Taskforce)

Post Office Complex

  • As at 17th December, 2018, the holiday units in the Post Office development are being advertised - ready for rental. Construction commenced in late August, 2016.

  • On the 7th December, 2018, the Shire gave approval for an amended permit:

  • for a 40 seat café, 3 shops, 4 holiday units and the Post Office

  • subject to completion of the landscaping in accordance with the endorsed plans and to a parking condition.

  • The Taskforce, SCA and, no doubt, most in the community have never objected to the use of the development as 3 shops, 4 units, a café and Post Office as per Council’s permit. We've all been eagerly waiting for the shops, café and units to be a working reality and are disappointed the applicant’s proposal has not come to fruition. A brush fence has recently been erected along the front of the building which, taken with the signs notifying the public that private property lies beyond, hardly seems consistent with the idea of public access to shops.

  • The temporary fencing around the development site has been removed and the developer is currently advertising the complex with immediate availability - on Stayz:

and also on Airbnb:

  • An earlier advertisement discovered in mid-November, had advertised the complex as a venue for wedding receptions and a centre for corporate events, with space for up to 150 people. The Taskforce brought that advertisement to Council’s attention and Council promptly appointed a Compliance Officer to investigate. The developer was informed the buildings cannot be used in this way without an application first being to Council for a change of use and for this use to be approved by Council. That advertisement was subsequently withdrawn.

  • “87 on Byrnes” is now advertised as luxury retreat accommodation, sleeping 16 guests – “perfect for extended family, groups of friends or ideal for corporate business retreats”. The holiday units are not currently being advertised as being available individually.

  • The Shire is fully aware of the advertising and will monitor the use. If an application for change of use is made at any time we will keep you fully informed.

  • For information contact: Sue Boggan: 0404 180 957 or Peter Renkin: 0448 319 719 (Shoreham Community Association/Taskforce)

Former General Store Site

  • The SCA Committee recognises how important this development is to the Shoreham community. When draft plans were drawn up by the developer’s agent, the SCA Taskforce handed these to the panel of local Architects (advisers to the Taskforce) for their opinion. Late 2016, the Architects and the Taskforce met with the owner’s agent to discuss his drawings. It was agreed that the Architects prepare alternative designs.

  • It seems the developer and/or owner has put the site in the “too hard” basket for now - the issue being producing a design that would provide a satisfactory financial return for the developer while complying with community expectations and the requirements of the DDO15 planning overlay.

  • Recently, maintenance work (replacement of weatherboards, removal of old refrigeration plant etc and painting) is being undertaken - indicating that there may still be life in the former General Store!

  • For information contact: Sue Boggan: 0404 180 957 or Peter Renkin: 0448 319 719 (Shoreham Community Association/Taskforce)