Strategic Planning

Statutory Planning

SCA Planning Subcommittee

  • The SCA has an active Planning Subcommittee which deals with making contributions on Strategic and Statutory Planning matters. The Subcommittee consists of several committee members, one general member and may accept contributions from others on specific projects.

  • Most of the Planning Subcommittee’s efforts are directed at the Strategic Planning level - mainly in contributing submissions.

  • Generally speaking, the Planning Subcommittee does not get involved in individual planning applications. Exceptions do occur where there may be unacceptable impacts on the community eg on Shoreham’s heritage, amenity or road traffic for example.

Why does the SCA get involved in planning matters ?

  • It’s part of the reason we exist! Several of the SCA’s objectives including:

  • investigation of community concerns and advocacy

  • identification and definition of the future character and essential services for Shoreham

  • identification of community needs and the means to address them

  • building on the unique character of Shoreham

  • working with other Mornington Peninsula coastal communities to achieve the common needs of all coastal villages and their hinterland

all demand the SCA participates in planning at the strategic level and also at the statutory level in some cases.

  • You can download a complete copy of the SCA Rules which include the objectives paraphrased above.

Working with other Mornington Peninsula Communities

Red Hill Ward Consultative Group (RHWCG)

  • Shoreham falls within the Red Hill Ward of the Municipality.

  • The RHWCG brings representatives together for bi-monthly discussions in the Shoreham Hall. The Group’s name reflects our local government electoral ward which covers 75% of the Mornington Peninsula Shire’s area. Other communities directly represented include Balnarring, Balnarring Beach, Merricks Beach, Merricks Township, Somers, Flinders, Cape Schanck and Red Hill. There is also a representative from “Peninsula Speaks”.

  • The RHWCG helps to shape the collective future for the Ward by providing a platform for community associations to exchange information, network and discuss strategic issues. It enables discussion on a range of matters that can then be voiced at the Residents' Association Meetings (RAM).

Residents' Association Meetings (RAM)

  • RAM was an initiative of our former Red Hill Ward Cr Tim Wood - whereby all community associations across the Red Hill Ward could send representatives to meetings every two months to air and discuss matters of common concern.

  • Our current Councillor, David Gill, has kept the meetings going and we look forward to continue collaborating with our colleagues from other towns and villages in our ward. Cr Gill calls for input to Agenda items in advance of meetings.

  • RAM Meetings are usually held at Council’s Rosebud offices. Council officers regularly attend to give specific advice or explanations addressing Agenda items.

If you wish to raise matters of significance to the broader ward, please contact the SCA representatives Alan Fisher (President, SCA ) or Sue Boggan (SCA Planning Sub-committee).

Refusal of Planning Application to demolish heritage listed ‘Alavina’, 16 Beach Road

The owners of ‘Alavina’ sought Council approval to demolish the heritage-listed house in Beach Road. In 2013 parcels of land were removed from a larger heritage overlay area covering nos 14, 16 and 18 Beach Road, leaving the Shire to make a historical assessment of ‘Alavina’ and an assessment of the adjacent timber cottage. This has not been done and the owners are allowing the buildings to deteriorate.

SCA submitted an objection to the application to demolish based on the fact that:

  • heritage planning procedures were determined following an independent Hearing in April 2013;

  • MPS has not completed its task as set by the Hearing; and

  • restoring ‘Alavina’ will make it a valuable asset.

SCA has been told that Council have refused the application to demolish. The owners have the right to appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.