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Fox Baiting Program

  • Malcolm Legg, from Mals Ecological & Environmental Services P/L, advises that the Shoreham Foreshore Committee of Management is participating in a fox control program involving a 1080 fox bait program throughout the foreshore reserve between 30th September - 28th October, 2019.

  • 1080 (Sodium Fluoroacetate) is highly toxic to mammals and insects - dogs, cats, and pigs appear to be most susceptible to poisoning. Effective antidotes are unknown.

  • The community is advised to ensure dogs are restrained and do not enter the foreshore reserve where 1080 baiting is occurring. The community is especially advised not to enter the foreshore reserve via the beach. 

  • During the baiting period, owners of dogs that are at risk of entering the 1080 affected area are asked to ensure their dogs are wearing a muzzle which will prevent them from eating the 1080 baits.

  • The Committee advises that it is a legal requirement that dogs are leashed outside private property boundaries.

  • If you have any enquiries concerning ant part of this important fox control program, please do not hesitate to call Malcolm Legg on 0438 898 325 or foreshore manager Deidre Cochrane on 0450 199 800.


  • With the current uncertainty as to what form our postal services will continue operating under, the Shoreham Community Association (SCA) recommends you review your mailing address with correspondents who direct mail to you – for example, friends, your bank, utilities, subscriptions etc .

  • This is because an Australia Post requirement for its Post Office Box service is that mail must be addressed to the Mail Box number. Street addresses are not acceptable. This is nothing new - it has always been the case - but until now, we have enjoyed some latitude through the goodwill of Colin Fairlie, our Postie .

  • Australia Post is currently working towards continuing the existing postal service in Shoreham – however, it may transpire that there may need to be some changes. In any event, the above addressing requirements apply to all mail you receive in your Post Office Box .

  • Although Colin officially ceases operating the Post Office on the 29th November, a Postal Service must continue in one form or another. While the SCA cannot assist Australia Post in the resolution of the matter, we will endeavour to keep the Shoreham Community informed.

Car Parking opposite the 87 Byrnes Road Development

  • Work on developing the new car parking opposite the 87 Byrnes Road development commenced on 19th September.

  • Please see our parking project page for more details.

Red Hill Football & Netball Club Premierships

  • Our congratulations to the Red Hill Football & Netball Club which won both the Seniors & Under 19 Aussie Rules premierships! The Seniors were runners up last year and hadn't won a premiership for 29 years - so you can imagine the celebrations!

  • The team was bolstered by Shoreham residents playing in both footy teams. Red Hill was only beaten twice during the year - both times by Karingal - but got them when it mattered most in the Grand Final ! Ironically, Red Hill prevailed over Karingal in its first premiership in 1990.

open air burning october 2019.jpg
  • The Mornington Peninsula Shire Open Air Burning Local Law regulates burning off outside of the Declared Fire Danger Period. During the month of October 2019 some open air burning restrictions have been removed to enable landowners to burn off for fire prevention purposes.

  • Please click here for the 2019 Flyer or visit the CFA page for more details.

Post Office News

  • Sadly, Colin Fairlie is relinquishing his licence to operate the Shoreham Post Office, effective on 30th November, due to ill health.

  • We’re sure the people of Shoreham wish him well for the future and thank him for his years of service to the community.

  • Australia Post actively seeks a new operator for Shoreham. This is the text of a notice Australia Post taped to the door of the Post Office on 28th August:

Changes to postal services in Shoreham

  • The owner of the Shoreham Licensed Post Office has notified Australia Post of their intention to cease operating the outlet from 5:00pm on Friday 29 November 2019.

  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank Colin for his service to the Shoreham community.  

  • Australia Post are committed to retaining a presence in Shoreham and are now seeking expressions of interest to take on the provision of postal services to the Shoreham community.

  • Your premises would need to have an area suitable for Australia Post’s operations including a counter and secure and sufficient space to accommodate the receipt and distribution of mail.

  • If you are interested in taking on the provision of postal services to the community, please contact Jenny Didulo directly on 0418 590 124. 

  • We apologise for any inconvenience this change may cause and will keep residents updated on progress.

Buruli Ulcer on the Mornington Peninsula

  • People have had concerns with the Buruli Ulcer on the Mornington Peninsula for several years.   It first appeared on our side of Port Phillip Bay in 2012.  The level of concern was raised significantly after an article, published in The Age of the 13th July, described plans for a study involving "fogging" and residual spraying of the Peninsula as an experiment to help determine whether mosquitoes are a vector for the spread of the disease.  Other suspects are possums and contact with infected soil.

  • Fogging consists of an insect spray, misted from the back of a truck.  Residual spraying settles on vegetation and can kill mosquitoes for weeks.  Larviciding (killing  mosquito larvae) is also proposed – by dropping methoprene blocks into waterways.  

  • These measures raise environmental concerns – especially as the spray poisons also kill bees and fish.  According to the Mornington Peninsula News (22/7/2019), Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor, David Gill, wants the State Government to order a “full environmental impact assessment” before launching the Buruli study program.

  • This publication from the Health Department answers common questions about the study.  You can also visit the department’s web-site here.  This map, excerpted from the web-site, shows that Shoreham is not in a high-risk area:

buruli map.jpg
  • However, we should not be complacent – The Age article implies that one foolish and cruel Blairgowrie resident has trapped 30 possums and released them in the Red Hill area…

  • For further information, a public meeting has been called at the Rye Community Hall 2.00pm - 4.00pm on Saturday, 10th August. We understand that Chris Brayne (State MP), Greg Hunt (Federal MP) and Gidja Walker (local conservationist and disease victim) have been invited to speak.

No-Dog Zones?

  • It’s controversial of course, but some researchers are calling for no-dog zones to replace on-leash areas in close proximity to native animals - such as our beaches where beach-nesting birds breed.

  • For further details, please click here for a link to a recent ABC article on the subject.

Neighbourhood Character Study & Western Port Coastal Villages Strategy

  • The opportunity for you to have your say on Mornington Peninsula Council’s draft reports on these subjects closed on 7th July, 2019.

  • The proposed adoption of the draft Neighbourhood Character Study and Design Guidelines & draft Western Port Coastal Villages Strategy will be discussed at the MPS Planning Services Committee meeting at 7pm on 14 October, 2019.

  • To learn more, please visit our Coastal Villages Strategy page.

Future Projects

  • The SCA has recently been advised by Council that the following projects have been included in the 2019/2020 adopted budget following much lobbying from the SCA:

    • Shoreham Coastal Village Drainage Plan ($50,000) - Project 1071

    • the Shoreham Common Placemaking Project, Stage 2. ($40,000) - Project 72.

  • For further information - please click here.

Apart from our latest project news below, please also take a look at our Calendar for upcoming events and at our Community Noticeboard for the latest community announcements.

SCA Project Updates

Planning Changes

  • Recent State and Local government planning changes have become rather a hot topic with impacts possible on our Village Character and the Green Wedges. For the details, please click here.

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