The purpose of the SCA is to:

  • create and facilitate an informed and active community
  • investigate concerns of community members and advocate in their interest about matters that may affect their well being or lifestyles
  • identify and define the future character and essential services for Shoreham, including natural environment, through community consultation
  • identify community needs, develop strategies, and facilitate actions to address these needs
  • build on the unique character of Shoreham
  • work with other Mornington Peninsula coastal communities to achieve the common needs of all coastal villages and their hinterland
  • examine actions of authorities, organisations or companies in matters affecting residents
  • investigate proposals by Local, State or Federal Governments affecting Shoreham
  • build robust and respectful relationships with the Mornington Peninsula Shire - both officers and councillors - as well as State and Federal Members of Parliament and government departments and authorities.

You can also download a complete copy of the SCA Rules which include these objectives.