Shoreham Village Taskforce

  • Originally, the Taskforce existed as an independent group led by the late Leo Maher. A few years ago the Taskforce became an integral unit of the Shoreham Community Association’s structure and is now a subcommittee of the Association. Since November 2006, the Shoreham Village Community Taskforce, as a grass-roots body of resident volunteers, has been a major influence contributing to Shoreham’s wellbeing.

  • The focus of its operations has been monitoring commercial developments and proposals within Shoreham.

  • Read the background to this group which has worked over many years to preserve the amenity of our coastal village.

  • For information please contact: Sue Boggan: 0404 180 957 or Peter Renkin: 0448 319 719 (Shoreham Community Association/Taskforce)