• The successful historical signage erected at Flinders by the Flinders District Historical Society (FDHS) prompted the formation of a sub-committee of the SCA to look into the possibility of erecting historical signage in Shoreham.

  • Comprised of Committee Members from the FDHS and SCA, this sub-committee has been successful in obtaining a $5,000 grant from the Shire to design educative signs bearing information about the key people, buildings, sites and events in the history of Shoreham.  

Current Status

  • An architect proposed a conceptual design for the signage and wording for the historical displays has been drafted. 

  • The Common is the logical place for the signage to be installed. The project was therefore held over while the Placemaking project ran its course and the parking study (which affects the perimeter of the Common) was undertaken.

  • A combined working group from the FDHS & SCA has now finalised the design for five modest steel stands with information boards which tell briefly the historical story of Shoreham. We are currently updating the Shire on the project for its approval.

  • A display of the material, the proposed siting of the signs on The Common and a mock-up of the proposed signage were very well received at the SCA Public Meeting on Saturday, 16th March 2019.

  • For further information - please contact Barbara Kelly ph: 5989 8880 or e-mail .