Historical Signage Installed

historical signage.jpg
  • The Historical Signage was installed in the Common on Friday 16th August, 2019 !

  • There are five signs mounted around a stand of eucalypts in the Common. Each covers an aspect of our history starting from the pre-colonial story of the Bunurong people, colonial settlement, important village buildings, rural industries, visitors and our coastal heritage. The display is very tasteful and appropriate - quite understated and very well suited to the great site chosen.

  • This has been a joint project of the Flinders District Historical Society (FDHS) and the SCA, This sub-committee successfully obtained a $5,000 grant from the Shire to design and commission educative signs bearing information about the key people, buildings, sites and events in the history of Shoreham.  

  • Stand by for the official opening!


  • The successful historical signage erected at Flinders by the FDHS prompted the formation of a sub-committee of the SCA to look into the possibility of erecting historical signage in Shoreham.

  • The Common was the logical place for the signage to be installed. The project was therefore held over while the Placemaking Stage 1 project ran its course and also while the parking study (which affects the perimeter of the Common) was undertaken.

  • A display of the material, the proposed siting of the signs on The Common and a mock-up of the proposed signage were very well received at the SCA Public Meeting on Saturday, 16th March 2019.

  • For further information - please contact Barbara Kelly ph: 5989 8880 or e-mail barbara.kelly1@bigpond.com .