• The Mornington Peninsula Shire is conducting a review of existing Heritage Overlays in the Shire and identification of additional potential heritage places which warrant a Heritage Overlay.

  • For the purposes of the Review, the Shire has been divided into four study areas and stages:

  1. Mount Eliza, Mornington , Mount Martha-now completed and new Heritage Overlays adopted.

  2. Safety Beach to Rye-now completed.

  3. Sorrento to Portsea-currently being undertaken.

  4. Somerville, Hastings, coastal townships (including Shoreham) and rural areas- likely to commence later in 2019.

What is “Heritage” ?

  • Heritage is something transmitted from the past or handed down by tradition which tells a story of the social, economic or natural history of the area and its people and their way of life. 

  • Heritage is not just buildings, but can include archaeological sites, ruins, cemeteries, shipwrecks, landscapes, gardens and precincts. Heritage is not just “old” things, but can also include contemporary elements, such as architecture which exemplifies an important style or period.

What is a “Heritage Overlay” ?

  • A Heritage Overlay is an instrument in the Shire Planning Scheme designed to protect the heritage of the site to which it has been applied. If a site has a Heritage Overlay, it means a permit from the Shire is required for changes to the site.

Review Process

  • Reviews of heritage sites in the Shire were last conducted in 1992 and 1994.

  • The current Review is being conducted for the Shire by a firm of specialist consultants, Context.

  • The process being followed by the Review is as follows:

  • The Shire will consult with local Heritage Groups ( the Flinders and District Historical Society, for the Shoreham area) and seek nominations of  places of potential heritage significance.

  • That data will be added to existing data held by the Shire and a “ master list” prepared.

  • Community workshops will be held with Heritage Groups and other interested members of the community to discuss the master list.

  • The master list will be refined to a short list, and the consultants will then undertake field visits to inspect the sites and assess if the existing Heritage Overlay is still valid and if new sites warrant an Overlay.

  • The Consultants will then report to the Shire with detailed recommendations.

Role of the Flinders District Historical Society

  • The Flinders District Historical Society is currently developing a list of potential additional sites which may warrant a Heritage Overlay for submission to the Shire when Stage 4 of the Review commences.

Current Heritage Overlay Sites in Shoreham

  • The sites in the Shoreham district which currently have a Heritage Overlay are:

  • Alavina, 14-18 Beach Rd.

  • Former school and avenue of honour, 67 Byrnes Rd.

  • Old Post Office, 80 Byrnes Rd.

  • Little Breda, 3 Byrnes Rd.

  • The Pines, Shoreham Foreshore Reserve

  • Camp Buxton Children’s Camp, 39-45 Marine Pde.

  • Muskwood Park, 394 Tucks Rd.

  • Lyncroft, 410 Tucks Rd.

  • Michael Byrne’s cottage, 565 Tucks Rd.

  • The Glen, 100 Punty Lane.

Further Information and Suggestions

If you wish to suggest a site for consideration as part  of the Heritage Review or need further information, please contact the Flinders District Historical Society at  FLINDERSDHS@GMAIL.COM.   We thank David Maiden (FDHS) for providing information on the Heritage Review.