Future Projects requiring Council Funding and Participation - Success!

The SCA has recently been advised by Council that the following projects have been included in the 2019/2020 adopted budget following much lobbying from the SCA:

  • Shoreham Coastal Village Drainage Plan ($50,000) - Project 1071

  • the Shoreham Common Placemaking Project, Stage 2. ($40,000) - Project 72.

We congratulate our people who lent their time and expertise to persistently lobby for these projects. There would have been no success otherwise!



The SCA re-submitted our proposed 2019/2020 Mornington Peninsula Shire budget items for presentation at the Section 223 meeting on 8th May 2019.

The proposals were as follows (please click on the links for details):

  1. Drainage Plan for Shoreham Village ($50K)

  2. Placemaking ‘Shoreham Common’ Project, Stage 2 ($40K).

Report from the Section 223 Hearing

  • We believe we got a reasonably good reception from councillors and the senior MPS staff. Mayor and local councillor, David Gill, provided some excellent questions to the MPS senior staff and we were pleased that they actually knew of our requirements and were supportive.

  • With regard to the Common Phase 2, it appears MPS has budgeted $200-$300k across the Peninsula for Placemaking Projects and it seems our requirement for the extra $40k to landscape and provide picnic tables, etc on the lower common is likely to be approved.

  • With regard to the Drainage Plan, the chief engineer from MPS was concerned that drainage and road making go together (ie, you can't improve drainage on unsealed roads) and therefore it was too big a project to undertake. David Gill pointed out that Shoreham is a coastal village and does not want sealed roads, but drainage improvement is important including some sort of cleanup of water going into WesternPort Bay. He asked that the MPS engineering department think again as to how this can be done without massive road sealings!

For further information - please contact Alan Fisher ph: 0467 776 854 or e-mail alan.j.fisher9@gmail.com .