Shoreham Foreshore Committee

The Foreshore Reserve Committee is appointed by the State Minster for the Environment. The Committee’s responsibility covers the area of the foreshore – dunes, beach,  marine reef, camping ground, Stony Creek - from Point Leo Foreshore Reserve at Seyschelles Road to the north, to south of the basalt point (Cleave) south of Beach Road car park and Stony Creek.
The Shoreham Foreshore Committee of Management released its Shoreham Foreshore Reserve Management Plan in July 2015 after input from the community, campers and holiday makers. The Committee held a public meeting in January 2016 for interested community members and campers.
A Shoreham Foreshore website is being developed and we will provide a link to it as soon as possible.

Foreshore Updates

Dog Access to Foreshore and Beaches

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The Shoreham Foreshore Committee has decided that dogs will be banned from the camping reserve from Sunday, 1st October.

Dogs are allowed access to the beach from the Beach, Cliff and Seychelles Road tracks as well as from the Viewbank and Nelson Streets’ entrance tracks.  Right now, dogs are permitted on the beaches at any time as long as they are on a lead.

From Sunday, 1st October 2017 to Sunday, 1st April 2018, dogs will be allowed on the beaches from 7:00PM to 9:00AM on a lead.  They will be prohibited from 9:00AM to 7:00PM.

Parks Victoria - Boating and Swimming Zone Review - November 2016

Read the Parks Victoria Review Fact Sheet and examine the Shoreham Foreshore Reserve Committee's response

Proposed changes to Foreshore Management - update October 2016

Earlier this year a controversy arose between the State Department of Environment Water Land & Planning (DEWLP - the department responsible for the coastline and Crown foreshore land) and the Westernport Foreshore Reserve Committees for Shoreham, Point Leo, Merricks Beach and Balnarring Beach. The Department proposed amalgamating the four Committees, together with the Somers Committee (under the administration of Parks Victoria for the last year) into a single responsible committee.
The letters between DEWLP and the Committee provide an insight into what the Department is proposing and the response of the Shoreham and other Committees.
This is an ongoing matter and is not expected to be resolved soon. The letter from DEWLP to the Shoreham committee, the letter from the Committee in response and the letter to DEWLP from the group of affected Western Port Committees of Management can be downloaded from the links.

Latest update:  In October the Committee sent its response to the Victorian State Government's Marine and Coastal Act Consultation Paper.
Shoreham Foreshore Reserve Committee

Improvements on the Foreshore - March 2016

The Foreshore Reserve Committee has funded some works on the Foreshore to improve accessibility and safety for all visitors.

  • Bench Seating has been installed adjacent to the Pines Walking Track and overlooking the swimming beach.
  • More than 300 metres of the Cliff Rd walking track has been resurfaced between Cliff Rd and Prout Webb Rd
  • Large granite boulders have been installed along the edge of the Shoreham Beach car park to address the issue of vehicles accessing the beach and foreshore beyond the defined parking area.
  • Resurfacing of the Shoreham Beach car park end and surrounds will be undertaken.
  • Additional steps at the base of existing steps on the Honeysuckle Reef beach access track have been constructed.



To find out more about camping on the Shoreham Foreshore Reserve please:


The Address of the Campground is:  End of Prout Webb Road, Shoreham, Victoria.

Please note:  All booking requests are to be made to the Shoreham Foreshore Reserve using the above contact details only.  The Shoreham Community Association is not responsible for booking arrangements on the Foreshore.

Shoreham Foreshore Reserve

The Reserve is a ribbon of land a little over 2 kilometres long, extending from the Point Leo Foreshore Reserve at Seychelles Road in the north, to the Flinders Foreshore Reserve boundary south of the basalt point to the south of the Beach Road car park.

In just under 200 hectares the Reserve includes a range of coastal plant and animal communities.  It has both family and surf beaches, sand dunes, cliffs, fern gullies, coastal woodland communities, walking trails, a camping area and a public car park. The surrounding land is either private cleared land or the Shoreham village to the west. The surrounding coastal environment includes rock platforms and sandy beaches, Western Port (a wetland of international significance listed in the Ramsar Convention), and the creek corridor of Stony Creek.  The pine area near Shoreham beach known as 'The Pines' is listed as being of State Cultural Significance.




Further details on the features of the reserve, land status and management responsibilities, ecological vegetation, biosites, flora, fauna, pests plants and animals in the area, plus details of legislation, frameworks and policies can be downloaded. 

Management plan

The management plan aims to protect the natural undeveloped character of the Reserve by conserving and enhancing indigenous flora and fauna, while at the same time providing compatible recreational and educational opportunities.The Reserve is managed by a Committee appointed by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change. Our Committee comprises people living busy lives who give their time freely.


Site plan of camping area

Site plan of camping area

Foreshore re-vegetation

The Shoreham Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management welcomes volunteers to working bees.  Please let Peter Carroll know of your interest.  Peter can be contacted on 5989 8325.

Notice of future working bees will be provided on the Calendar and/or the SCA noticeboard located in the Post Office.

Recent volunteer working bees on the Reserve are showing good results.

Recent volunteer working bees on the Reserve are showing good results.