Shoreham Foreshore Committee

The Foreshore Reserve Committee is appointed by the State Minster for the Environment. The Committee’s responsibility covers the area of the foreshore – dunes, beach,  marine reef, camping ground, Stony Creek - from Point Leo Foreshore Reserve at Seychelles Road to the north, to south of the basalt point (Cleave) south of Beach Road car park and Stony Creek.  

Further details on the features of the reserve, land status and management responsibilities, ecological vegetation, biosites, flora, fauna, pests plants and animals in the area, plus details of legislation, frameworks and policies can be downloaded. 

Please click here to visit the Shoreham Foreshore website.



To find out more about camping on the Shoreham Foreshore Reserve please:


The Address of the Campground is:  End of Prout Webb Road, Shoreham, Victoria.

Please note:  All booking requests are to be made to the Shoreham Foreshore Reserve using the above contact details only.  The Shoreham Community Association is not responsible for booking arrangements on the Foreshore.

Foreshore re-vegetation

The Shoreham Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management welcomes volunteers to working bees.  Regular working bees are planned to commence after Easter, 2018 as follows:

  • Every fourth Sunday 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Every Wednesday 10:00AM - 12:00PM.

Please let Deidre Cochrane know of your interest on 5989 8325.

Notice of future working bees will be provided on our Calendar and/or the SCA noticeboard located in the Post Office.

Recent volunteer working bees on the Reserve are showing good results.

Recent volunteer working bees on the Reserve are showing good results.