The Cyril Young Memorial Chapel viewed from its entrance towards the stone lectern in Buxton Reserve

The Cyril Young Memorial Chapel viewed from its entrance towards the stone lectern in Buxton Reserve

Latest News

The Cyril Young Memorial Chapel Association Inc has recently reported to its members covering highlights of the first year of its operation:

  • Formalisation of the Objectives and Purposes of the Association as part of incorporation.

  • Committee includes representatives from the local community, the Young family, the RSL, the YMCA, the FDHS and former campers. Committee meets every two months at the Shoreham Old School Hall and sometimes includes site visits.

  • Registration of the site as an official War Memorial.

  • Registration of the CYMCA as a Registered Charity (refer below).

  • Briefing by Judy Walsh from the National Trust.

  • Initiation of the Conservation Management Plan – Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS) consultants from Landmark are still working on this – a briefing is expected towards the end of this month (August, 2019). The Association has provided input on Restoring the Chapel Setting as well as historical artifacts and other advice.

  • Winning a Flexi Grant from Mornington Peninsula Shire to help defray admin costs.

  • Ongoing liaison with MPS – Property Department and the Natural Systems Unit.

For full details, you can download the report here.

The Cyril Young Memorial Chapel Association AGM will be held on Saturday, November 16th, 2019 from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM at the Old School Hall, Byrnes Road, Shoreham.

Registered Charity


The Association achieved registration as a charity under the Australian Charities and Not-for profits Commission in mid April, 2019. The date from which the charity is registered is 24/08/2018 12:00 AM.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) is the national regulator of charities - it is a federal government agency. The ACNC was established in December 2012 to achieve the following objectives:

  • maintain, protect and enhance public trust and confidence in the sector through increased accountability and transparency

  • support and sustain a robust, vibrant, independent and innovative not-for-profit sector

  • promote the reduction of unnecessary regulatory obligations on the sector.

Charities need to be registered with ACNC to be entitled to tax exempt status as well as certain other exemptions and benefits.

Registration is also an indicator to the general public of the bona fides of the organisations on the Register.

Cyril Young Memorial Chapel Association Inc

The Cyril Young Memorial Chapel Association Inc now formally exists with Office Bearers elected and a membership keen to start as soon as feasible towards its goal of restoring the Chapel and providing for its ongoing stewardship.  

Current steps include:

  • Improving communications to the Friends of the Chapel.

  • Participating with the Shire and its consultant in development of the Chapel’s Heritage Management Plan.

  • Fostering relationships with the Shire, YMCA, RSL and former campers.

  • Searching for missing artifacts such as the dedication plaque (originally fixed to the right-hand entrance pillar).

  • Investigating the cost and feasibility of aspects of restoration of the Chapel.

  • Managing vegetation around the Chapel including full cooperation with the Shire’s Natural Systems unit.

  • Participating with neighbours in developing mutually satisfactory screening of the Chapel.

  • Looking at funding opportunities.

To join, please complete this application form and mail it to the Association. It includes information on how to pay your annual membership fee - Full Membership $10pa.


The existence of an open air chapel in Buxton Reserve, at the bottom of Marine Parade, is a largely unknown aspect of Shoreham. 

  • The chapel was built in the early 1950s and for some years was an integral part of life at the former YMCA Buxton Camp. It was built as a memorial to the fallen of the YMCA in WWII. The Cyril Young Memorial Chapel (as it was formally dedicated) is now listed on the Victorian War Heritage Inventory.  The Chapel’s lectern was dedicated to Cyril’s brother Ivan who was also killed in service to his country.

  • Buxton Camp no longer exists.  Part of its land is now the Buxton Reserve under the management of the Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS) and the remainder, including the camp buildings, is in private hands.  However, most of the remains of the open air chapel exist on the Reserve for the public to visit.

  • A small part of the Chapel is located on private land. On the 11th July 2017, the MPS published a Notice of Intention to Sell Land on which the Buxton Chapel sits. After protests and submissions from the Young family, the Shoreham Community Association (SCA), the Flinders District Historical Society (FDHS) and many others, the proposed sale was eventually rescinded.

  • Council voted unanimously on Tuesday 13th February, 2018 to rescind the sale and acquire the small portion of the chapel in private hands instead. This will enable all of the Chapel to be integrated within Buxton Reserve.

Chapel History

Lectern dedication to Ivan Young

Lectern dedication to Ivan Young

  • The chapel formed part of the facilities at the former YMCA Camp Buxton that was built around 1925, on land provided by the Buxton family. 

  • Cyril Frank Young was Chairman of the Camp Buxton Committee in 1939 and died on active service in 1945. However, the still extant plaque on what remains of the lectern is dedicated to Ivan Charles Young, brother of Cyril, who also died on service (in 1942).

Chapel in the 1990s showing its dedication to Cyril Young (plaque and seats since removed)

Chapel in the 1990s showing its dedication to Cyril Young (plaque and seats since removed)

  • In the 1990s, much of the Camp Buxton land was subdivided for housing with some land being added to the Buxton Reserve owned by the Shire. The buildings forming the old Camp Buxton were sold, along with associated land, into private ownership.

  • Over the years the chapel seats have disappeared and the stonework has deteriorated but the chapel still remains a beautiful memorial not only to the two Young brothers but to Camp Buxton itself.

  • Unfortunately, in the 1990s, when boundaries were surveyed for sub-division, the position of the chapel was not taken into account. This omission effectively placed about one fifth of the chapel land within the boundary of 39 Marine Parade. The remainder was left within Buxton Reserve. This anomaly is compounded by the fact that the part of the chapel on private land has a heritage overlay whilst the remainder on the public reserve does not.

  • Ann Renkin, from the Flinders District Historical Society, provides a more detailed history of the chapel here.

Further Information

Open Air Chapel listed on the Victorian War Heritage Inventory

  • The Cyril Young Memorial Chapel is now listed on the Victorian War Heritage Inventory.  Please see Heritage, Victoria's web-site for further information.

Young Family Web-site

  • The Young family has created a web-site in honour of their relatives which contains further information about Cyril and Ivan Young's war service and also interesting photos and stories about Camp Buxton in particular.  Please click here to visit it.

Cyril Young Memorial Chapel Association Inc

  • Please e-mail CYMCA President Bill Genat or phone him on 5989 8179.