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 Allan Cowley speaks

Allan Cowley speaks

Our Annual General Meeting was a very enjoyable event on Sunday 15th July.  We were lucky with the weather - a good crowd enjoyed Allan Cowley's interesting presentation on proposed changes to Green Wedge planning - followed by a convivial sausage sizzle.  Allan is the Council's Manager, Strategic Projects. The draft Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge Management Plan 2018 is now on public exhibition and submissions are invited - the closing date is Friday 3 August 2018.  The SCA plans to make a joint submission with the Red Hill Ward Consultative Group.   Please click here for a fuller report.

Our thanks to the local CFA brigade for the loan of the BBQ, Balnarring Village Meats for the sausages, the Red Hill Baker for the bread and the Kelly Gang for the cooking and salads.

 Winter at Shoreham - Honeysuckle Beach.   Our thanks to Sue for the photo...

Winter at Shoreham - Honeysuckle Beach.   Our thanks to Sue for the photo...

Apart from our latest project news below, please also take a look at our Calendar for upcoming events and at our Community Noticeboard for the latest community announcements.




The Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos are back in town - as Sue's snap shows!  At Shoreham, we sometimes see flocks of up to 20 birds.

These endangered cockatoos are seasonal visitors and feed on seeds and grubs.  They are one of Australia's largest cockatoos and have a strong beak for gouging wood to a depth of several centimetres to find grubs. 

As their name suggests, they have large pale yellow panels in their tails.  They also have a yellow spot on what bird-people call their "ear coverts".  The females have a bright yellow spot - the males have a dull yellow version.  Other differences between adult sexes are that the females have a pale grey eye-ring (the males' are pink) and the females have a grey-white upper bill (the males' are grey-black).



Protecting the Buxton Open Air Chapel

chapel mail header.jpg


  • In great news for the community, Council voted unanimously on Tuesday, 13th February to rescind the sale of part of Buxton Reserve on which the Buxton Chapel, dedicated to Cyril and Ivan Young sits. Instead, it will acquire the small portion of the chapel in private hands.  
  • At a public meeting held on 14th April, it was resolved that a ‘Friends’ of the Cyril Young Memorial Chapel group be formed.  A Working Group has since been assembled to further that aim.
  • The first meeting of the Working Group was conducted on Saturday, 12th May.  Excellent progress is being made.  There was good representation from the Young family, the YMCA, the SCA and the broader community and general agreement on general aims and directions.  The Historical Society could not be represented but there have already been exchanges of information between the Society and the other parties. Two of the local residents were former campers at Camp Buxton.
  • Next Public Meeting is planned for:  2.00pm Saturday, August 4th at the Shoreham Community Hall.  The Friends Working Group proposes to formalise the association of friends:
  • This requires Friends of the Chapel to formally register as members of the "Cyril Young Memorial Chapel Association" and endorse the proposed name, purposes and constitution (the model rules suggested by Consumer Affairs, Victoria).
  • At the meeting, the office-bearers (formally required) will be decided.  Nominations for President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will be accepted either before or during the meeting.
  • For further information, please contact the Interim Convenor Bill Genat on 5989 8179; bgenat@unimelb.edu.au

The Common - We’re making The Common safer - and much greener!

  • The COMMUNITY PLANTING DAY on the Common on Saturday, 21st April 2018 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM was a great success with a second community working bee completing plantings along the new track adjacent the eastern boundary.

  • In association with the Mornington Peninsula Shire, we’re striving to make our park safer for children and passive recreation.  So…

No Driving or Parking on the Shoreham Village Common please !
The Shoreham Tennis Club area is not affected.


Please park on the Byrnes Road shoulder.
Thank you for respecting the new works and the wishes of our community.
This will also let our new plantings get going too!

SCA Project Updates

  • For further information on the Placemaking and other projects - please visit the SCA Projects page.

Planning Changes

  • Recent State and Local government planning changes have become rather a hot topic with impacts possible on our Village Character and the Green Wedges.  For the details, please click here

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