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Welcome to the Shoreham Community website which has been created to give the community a voice and to facilitate communication. It's a place to share ideas, information, skills, resources - a place to find out what's going on in the community - clubs, societies, special interest groups, events, anything that Shoreham residents and visitors might enjoy or find of interest. 

It is an initiative of the Shoreham Community Association Inc. (SCA), managed by SCA volunteers with all cost burdens being met by SCA membership fees. We are keen to create an active and informed community. Find out how you can become a member here. Your support is important.

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What's new?

Summer Community Dinner

The theme is “Greek” and the date is set to 23rd February - BUT the hall is not available due to floor sanding.

The venue is the Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade, Byrnes Rd - otherwise known as the CFA building.

PARKING: Special note re parking from the Brigade: Please park off-site and not in assigned parking areas within the Station precinct.  These sites are reserved for firefighters only - to facilitate rapid turnout requirements.

Snake Season!

Red-bellied Black Snake - photo from Wildlife, QLD

Red-bellied Black Snake - photo from Wildlife, QLD

We’ve had reports of snake sightings from the community - the latest being that of a Red-bellied Black Snake on Tuesday 9/1/2019. Although the presence of snakes indicates a healthy environment, this species, and others we see at Shoreham, are dangerously venomous to both people and animals. For further information, please see the following links:

Take care of yourselves, children and pets!

What a century of bushfire data teaches us about how to save lives this summer

Catherine Hanrahan from the ABC recently authored a very sobering article on bushfire risks particularly here in Victoria.

Rob Patrick, who is the Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade’s Community Safety Coordinator, has written a very useful summary which is posted on the CFA page.

Alternatively, you can read the full article at https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-27/bushfire-history-australia-data-saving-lives/10606144.

Fire Season 2018/2019 - Key Messages

Shoreham is a "high risk bushfire area"…

  • The Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade has kindly provided key messages to us all in advance of the 2018/2019 fire season.

  • Please click here for a link to the CFA page where they are prominently featured or download this PDF document.

  • Information on what's happening can be obtained in Shoreham with regard to "preparing for fire season" as follows:

    • The Shire's brochure is available in the PO,

    • The CFA's education trailer at the Shoreham Community BBQ

    • You can talk to firefighters at the fire station 9-10 on Sundays.

Post Office Complex - 4 holiday units ready to rent together

On the 7th December, 2018, the Shire gave approval for a permit, allowing the development to go ahead –

  • for a 40 seat café, 3 shops, 4 holiday units and the Post Office

  • subject to completion of the landscaping in accordance with the endorsed plans and to a parking condition.

The temporary fencing around the development site has now been removed and the developer is advertising the complex with immediate availability - on Stayz:

and also on Airbnb:

“87 on Byrnes” is advertised as luxury retreat accommodation, sleeping 16 guests – “perfect for extended family, groups of friends or ideal for corporate business retreats.” The holiday units are not being advertised as being available individually.

The Shire is fully aware of the advertising and will monitor the use. If an application for change of use is made at any time we will keep you fully informed.

For information contact: Sue Boggan: 0404 180 957 or Peter Renkin: 0448 319 719 (Task Force/Shoreham Community Association)

More information is available here.

Annual Community BBQ


The annual Christmas BBQ hosted by the Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade for permanent and holiday residents on Saturday 22nd December was a fantastic success!.

Summer Community Dinner

If you are looking for details of our Summer Community Dinner previously planned for 1st December, it has been postponed until January.

Simply too many of us could not come due to the calendar conflicts that are so common in the lead up to Christmas and New Year.

We’ll let you know as soon as the new date is firmed up. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Apart from our latest project news below, please also take a look at our Calendar for upcoming events and at our Community Noticeboard for the latest community announcements.

SCA Project Updates

  • For further information on the Historical Signage and other projects - please visit our relevant Projects Page.

Planning Changes

  • Recent State and Local government planning changes have become rather a hot topic with impacts possible on our Village Character and the Green Wedges. For the details, please click here.

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