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Welcome to the Shoreham Community website which has been created to give the community a voice and to facilitate communication. It's a place to share ideas, information, skills, resources - a place to find out what's going on in the community - clubs, societies, special interest groups, events, anything that Shoreham residents and visitors might enjoy or find of interest. 

It is an initiative of the Shoreham Community Association Inc. (SCA), managed by SCA volunteers with all cost burdens being met by SCA membership fees. We are keen to create an active and informed community. Find out how you can become a member here. Your support is important.

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Shoreham Community Association Annual General Meeting

Shoreham Community Association Members, Residents of Shoreham and interested people are invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Shoreham Community Association to be held on Sunday 23rd July 2017 at 11.00 am at the Old School Hall, Byrnes Road, Shoreham and to enjoy the Community BBQ afterwards.

Notice of AGM and the Agenda can be found here.


Winter Community Dinner (Saturday, 17th June, 2017)

Saturday night’s ‘community dinner’ was one of the best yet.  A community spirit was in full evidence & felt by the many who participated….our “thanks “ to Lee & her helpers.

The executive of the Shoreham Community Association wants everyone to know that ‘the performance on the night’ was not a planned part of the SCA’s programme for the dinner. The SCA apologises to anyone who was upset by what transpired.

Peter Renkin

President & Executive Members of the SCA

20th June 2017


Planning Changes

Recent State and Local government planning changes have become rather a hot topic with impacts possible on our Village Character and the Green Wedges.  For the details, please click here

To help us understand the implications, Professor Michael Buxton will cover the changes to statewide planning at a public meeting - please visit the Calendar for details.


Dog Attack in Shoreham

How it should be done...

How it should be done...

Recently, an elderly Shoreham Community member was bitten by a dog in an unprovoked attack from behind while walking along Buxton Lane.  She has asked us to publish a warning for others – and is particularly concerned at what the outcome could be if a child were to be attacked in this way.  The offending dog was one of a number of dogs being walked off-lead by a group of young people.

Residents and visitors are urged to adhere to the animal regulations so we can all enjoy ourpaths, roads and beaches.   Dogs Victoria provides a useful summary of the law for dog owners including the need to obey Council local laws requiring dogs to be leashed.  


In summary, dog owners must:

  • Always keep their dog under the effective control of a chain, cord or leash while in a public place - except in a designated leash-free area.
  • Prevent their dog chasing or attacking people or other animals.
  • Confine their dog to their own property at other times.
  • Ensure their dog doesn't bark persistently.
  • Register their dogs.

You can find leash-free areas in our Shire here .

SCA Project Updates

Old School Hall restoration, the Post Office development and The Common - all updates are available on the SCA Projects page.

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