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Meeting Notes from Public Meeting at Shoreham now available

The Public Meeting on Saturday, 16th march 2019 was a successful, well-attended event.

  • Our Mayor and local councillor, David Gill, chaired a wide-ranging discussion and dealt with several vexed questions still in play as well as providing a great forum for other speakers from the Flinders District Historical Society and Shoreham Foreshore Committee.

  • Important topics covered in some detail were:

    • Development at 87 Byrnes Road, the future of the Post Office and old General Store site

    • shade for children playing in the playground on the Common

    • fire safety in relation to exiting from Marine Parade

    • dangerous intersections with Frankston-Flinders Road

    • party houses

    • parking: contentious - please see additional material here

    • banners/windbreaks around the tennis courts

    • CCTV video and audio surveillance system at the Post Office

    • Historical Signage at the Common

    • new dog regulations

    • amalgamation of the Foreshore Committees of Management - including Shoreham’s

    • rabbit plague

    • Shoreham House pop up café

    • Shire’s Heritage Study Review, which covers Shoreham, is planned for later 2019

    • with several other issues/events/plans touched on.

  • Detailed meeting notes are available here.

Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade Fund Raiser

  • During the response to the Punty Lane fire which started in late February, the Brigade noted that the use of Ultra Light Tankers (ULTs) from other brigades was invaluable.

  • The Brigade is hoping to acquire one as an additional resource with the usual generous assistance from the Shoreham community.

  • A ULT would assist in ensuring that there would always be a fire fighting appliance in Shoreham if the Brigade is called away to assist others. The cost of one of these will be approximately $170,000 dollars in 2020, the earliest possible build time.

The Brigade is therefore seeking the Community’s support with this fundraising:

  • Donations can be made directly to Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade: BSB 633000     A/c 121980783

  • Email details to a.wain@bigpond.net.au for a Tax Deductible receipt .

Or donations can be made by cheque to:

  • Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade

  • PO Box 258, Shoreham 3916

Recent Planning Applications

stoppa the choppa.jpg

You may have seen the signs (above) - no, a helipad is not planned for Hilltop Close! SCA has become aware that there are TWO Planning Applications lodged with the Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS) which may impact the Shoreham community. Both applications appear to be generating a lot of interest:

1. Pt Leo Estate Helipad

  • P18/2295 – an application for the ‘Use of land as a helicopter landing site and associated works’.

  • Objections to be lodged by next Thursday - 28th March here.

  • Information can be found on the MPS website.

  • People have told us they are concerned about noise, visual impact, safety, setting a precedent for other restaurants, adverse impacts on shorebird nesting sites and the Ramsar wetland.

2. Shoreham House extension, Nelson Street

  • P18/2391 – an application to ‘Develop additions to the existing aged care facility (increasing the number of beds from 60 to 90), vegetation removal and associated works’.

  • Objections to be lodged by next Friday - 29th March.

  • More information can be found on the MPS website here.

  • With the 30 bed increase, 5 additional parking spaces are to be provided for the additional guests and staff. Of these, 4 parking spots are proposed to be accessed off Hilltop Close.

  • People have told us they are concerned about inadequate car parking, locating the car parks on Hilltop Close and exacerbating the existing problems with the intersection of Frankston-Flinders Road and Nelson Street.

Pop-up Café at Shoreham House

The pop-up café at Shoreham House was a fantastic success! Congratulations to Madeleine Machin, her family and friends on such a successful event. This community initiative was very well supported by local musicians, businesses who donated many of the goodies and also the owner of the Shoreham House business.

pop up cafe full.jpg

Punty Lane Fire at Shoreham - 28/2/2019

The recent Punty Lane fire is regarded as one of the biggest fires the Brigade has confronted in the Shoreham district. Without the quick response and extensive resources applied to the fire, the incident had the potential to cause significant damage to the Shoreham and Flinders communities.

Rob Patrick from the local brigade has kindly provided us with a report that you can view here as a PDF file or read directly on the CFA Page.

The map below shows the Emergency Vic map as at 28/2/2019 at 2:45PM with watch and act alerts for Shoreham and Flinders.

shoreham fire 20190228.jpg

Everyone should visit http://emergency.vic.gov.au/ and/or listen to ABC 774 for updates.

The Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade recommends residents and visitors add the Vic Emergency Fire App to their mobile phones. This App provides information on warnings and Incidents.

We thank our local Brigade, their colleagues from elsewhere on the Peninsula and the fire-bombing crews for their prompt action in dealing with the emergency and protecting our lives, livelihoods, animals and towns.

The Brigade has commenced a campaign to raise funds for an Ultra Light Tanker:

As mentioned earlier, donations can be made directly to Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade: BSB 633000     Acc 121980783

Email details to a.wain@bigpond.net.au for a Tax Deductible receipt .

Or donations can be made by cheque to:

  • Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade

  • PO Box 258, Shoreham, Vic 3916

Mornington Peninsula Koala Project

hanging in there.jpg

We’ve been asked to encourage the community to report koala sightings. The Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network is currently working on a project proposal to address the dwindling number of koalas on the Peninsula.

To report a sighting on the the website ‘Bowerbird’ where you can report your sightings and add a photo (if you have taken one) is as follows:

  • Go to: http://www.bowerbird.org.au/

  • Register for the site.

  • Search for ‘Mornington Peninsula Koala Project’ under ‘Projects’

  • Click on the camera icon (‘sightings’) to add a new sighting.

  • Add in all the details you can including location and date. The scientific species name of koala is: Phascolarctos cinereus.

If you have trouble using the website, you can email Jacqui at: Jacqueline.salter@mornpen.vic.gov.au

Sad News


Our community hall flag is flying at half mast this week in remembrance of our friend and neighbour Christie Johnstone who passed away on Friday, February 22nd after a long period of frailty He will be sorely missed by both the Shoreham and Flinders communities including the RSL. He was also a life member of Shoreham CFA and turned 99 on February 17th. Christie was a member of the fourth generation of the pioneering Tuck family which settled at Mantons Creek in 1848.

Sadly, Christie’s sister Margaret Johnstone, who was 18 months younger, pre-deceased him on Sunday 10th February. She had also spent a long period in care and is remembered particularly by the Flinders and District Historical Society for the valued assistance she gave on understanding the history of the pioneer families.

Another Shoreham House resident, Beryl Sheedy, passed away on the 18th February aged 106. Beryl often came to the Cuppa and Chat events and walked unaided to and from the bus at age 104!

Our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.

Summer Community Dinner

The theme was“Greek” for the Summer Community Dinner on Saturday, 23rd February.

A great function ensued – great food, community and wonderful balmy weather!

The success of the evening was a great credit to Lee (our organiser). Because the hall was not available due to floor maintenance, the venue was the Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade. Special thanks to:

  1. the Brigade for making their facilities available for the event

  2. attendees for parking away from the Station precinct as requested.

Snake Season!

Red-bellied Black Snake - photo from Wildlife, QLD

Red-bellied Black Snake - photo from Wildlife, QLD

We’ve had reports of snake sightings from the community - the latest being that of a Red-bellied Black Snake on Tuesday 9/1/2019. Although the presence of snakes indicates a healthy environment, this species, and others we see at Shoreham, are dangerously venomous to both people and animals. For further information, please see the following links:

Take care of yourselves, children and pets!

What a century of bushfire data teaches us about how to save lives this summer

Catherine Hanrahan from the ABC recently authored a very sobering article on bushfire risks particularly here in Victoria.

Rob Patrick, who is the Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade’s Community Safety Coordinator, has written a very useful summary which is posted on the CFA page.

Alternatively, you can read the full article at https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-27/bushfire-history-australia-data-saving-lives/10606144.

Fire Season 2018/2019 - Key Messages

Shoreham is a "high risk bushfire area"…

  • The Shoreham Rural Fire Brigade has kindly provided key messages to us all in advance of the 2018/2019 fire season.

  • Please click here for a link to the CFA page where they are prominently featured or download this PDF document.

  • Information on what's happening can be obtained in Shoreham with regard to "preparing for fire season" as follows:

    • The Shire's brochure is available in the PO,

    • The CFA's education trailer at the Shoreham Community BBQ

    • You can talk to firefighters at the fire station 9-10 on Sundays.

Post Office Complex - 4 holiday units ready to rent together

On the 7th December, 2018, the Shire gave approval for a permit, allowing the development to go ahead –

  • for a 40 seat café, 3 shops, 4 holiday units and the Post Office

  • subject to completion of the landscaping in accordance with the endorsed plans and to a parking condition.

The temporary fencing around the development site has now been removed and the developer is advertising the complex with immediate availability - on Stayz:

and also on Airbnb:

“87 on Byrnes” is advertised as luxury retreat accommodation, sleeping 16 guests – “perfect for extended family, groups of friends or ideal for corporate business retreats.” The holiday units are not being advertised as being available individually.

The Shire is fully aware of the advertising and will monitor the use. If an application for change of use is made at any time we will keep you fully informed.

For information contact: Sue Boggan: 0404 180 957 or Peter Renkin: 0448 319 719 (Task Force/Shoreham Community Association)

More information is available here.

Apart from our latest project news below, please also take a look at our Calendar for upcoming events and at our Community Noticeboard for the latest community announcements.

SCA Project Updates

Planning Changes

  • Recent State and Local government planning changes have become rather a hot topic with impacts possible on our Village Character and the Green Wedges. For the details, please click here.

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